Racism in Nightlife: What have you seen?

As DJs, we're privy to an inside view of establishments that most patrons don't see or know exists. Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, and wherever else we're needed.

We know when certain people are having trouble at the door, and why. We know when people are having trouble with the Bar/Service Staff, and why. We know when we’ve walked out on gigs, and why. And most importantly, we are aware of how much money is at stake.

We know these things because we're often held accountable for what happens at our sets. We know these things because it's usually our fans, friends, or family who are being victimized. People who are trying to enjoy themselves, music lovers, fans of the craft, or even an old high school friend with a birthday, who are likely in the establishment because of our promotional efforts, social media savvy, and graphic design skills.

Whether it's coming directly from the Owner/Management or is implied and accepted as standard practice, there is a rampant culture of racism in our industry. And it may not be happening everywhere, but it IS happening and far more often than we may like to think.

If we hope for a different playing field once lockdowns finally end (for real), where we can bring our fans, friends, and family without issue, we must begin to honestly address the racism that permeates Nightlife/Hospitality.

A first step towards change is assessing the depth of the problem. People should be aware of where their money is going, and this begins with you sharing your story...

Through this collection of voices, we hope to:

  1. Work towards a system of accountability for any business or service provider that employs, hires, or contracts DJs.

  2. Develop new standards to end company cultures and business practices that promote racist and discriminatory behaviors.

  3. Track and hold accountable the businesses and service providers that fall out of compliance with the new standards.

If you want to be heard, we encourage you to share your story and the reforms you'd like to see. We will amplify the final compilation of voices by working in conjunction with Industry partners who are aligned with this initiative. Submissions can be audio, video, or text-based, and we will preserve your anonymity if preferred. This action requires an overwhelming amount of stories to truly show the scope of the problem, so there's no need to pull punches.

We've all seen some things, now's the time to speak out!!

All submissions are secure and encrypted. Your privacy and safety are top concerns. Please contact us with questions/concerns at sayitloud (at) protonmail.com.