Gilles Peterson x International Anthem (Chicago)

Arguably the most influential radio DJ of the past 4 decades, Gilles Peterson was an early proponent of Acid Jazz and has since gone on to 'break' music across all genres, bringing to light to artists we may have never heard about otherwise. This is the true 'job' of a DJ.

And Gilles has spent the past 34 years taking this task to the next level - on-air with BBC Radio 1, Radio 6, and Worldwide FM, on wax with his Talkin' Loud and Brownswood imprints, and in real life with the Worldwide Festival. If you've ever only wanted to spin music you thought everyone should know/hear but thought it couldn't work, Gilles is here to show you otherwise.

In a rare Chicago appearance, he'll present performances and interviews with members of the International Anthem family including Angel Bat Dawid, Damon Locks, Black Monument Ensemble, Junius Paul, Mayaka McCraven, Resavoir, Jaimie Branch. With DJ Sets by London's Lexus Blondin, King Hippo, and Gilles himself.

Monday, January 13th Co-Prosperity Sphere


Chicago, IL

More info available here.